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For those of you who are artists...ever notice that some days things just come together and it's like dancing on clouds to draw? Yeah? Today is not one of those days.

I have planned a large update for tomorrow, but as it stands I may have to divide it in half due to my abilities deciding that today is not a good day to behave and instead playing "annoy the artist" while skipping merrily about blowing raspberries in my general direction.

I refuse to give in though. I shall retrieve my ability catching net of doom and chase after them, if it takes me until 4 in the morning I will finish this update! I am determined! Hear me scream! In frustration! The net has A hole in it...

I'm taking a nap.

EDIT: Due to a great many things not currently under my control the large update has been put off until Tuesday, sorry to get anyone's hopes up. Yeah right, like anyone besides me reads this. *snort*
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