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You ready for this?

*coughs* Ahem. So here's the story.

Waaaaaay back in...a long time ago, I put the comic on hiatus while I dealt with things. I went on vacation to Ireland in July - me the Aeromage in person, and had fun all around. However I got sick in Ireland, lost weight, and had to come home early. Upon returning hom I spent the next couple of weeks in a sort of funk, reevaluating my life and ended up with job. Shortly after my job-hunting skills were successful I began dating Brian. Who then - in a situation comical to me - became incredibly dear to me. And so we talk marriage. However he's on a mission (mission - N. : served for a church in order to lure unwary people into joining said religion)for the next two years so I have time now (since he's not here to drag me away from the computer) to draw this thing. Not just time, but the inclination. Iiiiinteresting.

Due to my schedule and my ineptitude with HTML, neither the archives are useable (check back Saturday the 7th of January, 2006 folks), nor is there an updated comic. Comic updates resume on Monday and will be twice weekly for the foreseeable future. I work. I therefore must steal time to do other things. *thief thief* (Twice weekly meaning Monday and Thursday.)

And now for the thank you portions of this speech. Thank you Reed for your invaluable help with the bloody website language thingies. I'd like to thank Gwyn and iI-chan for not bugging me, but keeping my comic in the forefront of my mind. Thanks to Julie and Michelle for inquiring about it upon occasion. Terumi for being cute. And Brian for glaring at me whenever I said I wanted to do my comic again but couldn't figure out how - and then reading it even though he doesn't like comics much.

See you on Monday.

For future notice all commentary on the comic itself will be written here.
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