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What's going on...

First of all let me say that the comic is DEFINITELY NOT ending. It is however, going on hiatus until the 31st of October. Come Halloween morning the site'll be back up. And here's why:

Reason 1: I have recently acquired a job, and am now working almost full-time. That means I'm not home long enough to do a comic on any sort of schedule.

Reason 2: I have several other projects that I'm trying to finish that have been put off for longer than this comic has existed. In order to keep my mental sanity and health I need ot finish them. No most of them aren't art projects.

Reason 3: The site needs a major overhaul. Redesign, archive fix, whatever. I am doing that myself - with some gracious help from our webmaster who is patiently teaching me how NOT to blow up html. I need the next 6 weeks to work on that.

Reason 4: Upon the reemergence of this strip I would absolutely love to have Nightmares finished and done. I AM working on this. I have given myself the deadline of October 29th for that.

So on October 31st you can expect to see - a redesigned site (sans bloody stupid tagboard), a large update comprising the last pages of Nightmares, an organized archive, and a happy artist. Until then I will post sporadic updates here and in my personal journal (mind you those updates will have "language" in them, these will be polite).

In the meantime I still be posting one shot art pieces on my Deviant Art account. If you're interested.


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