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Goodbye Cruel Heat!

Ok, so it's been hot here, and I'm off to a place that has forcasted weather 20 degrees lower than mine. (Which I'm sure means that it's actually only 5 degrees lower.)

Everything's set up for Friday's update, so no worries there. I get back Sunday night, have a day (Monday) in which to recover before getting on another airplane at the god-awful hour of 6 in the blasted morning. Then I get a 6 hour layover before climbing onto the plane for London - and cooler temperatures please God I'd appreciate it.

No I'm not worried about anything untoward happening in London. Except perhaps being mistaken for a Mexican tourist instead of an American. (As Daniel - the brother - has decided he's going to pretend to be a Spanish tourist one day.)

Off to the Convention! Honestly I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off today, and still didn't manage to finish everything I wanted to. Although I did have a very random, and interesting conversation with a Brit I know... I digress.

Anyway tomorrow I meet up with the ever insane Reed Bond and the ever obscure Zachary Parker and company. Which should at least bei nteresting even if it IS sort or nerve-racking. And this from the woman who's actually met people off the internet before... As a very wise forum going (over at Flatwood) said: "it's like a first date only you know lots more personal information." or something to that effect anyway. Point being Kullervo is completely correct and ahhh! I haven't finished packing. I wanted to draw something to commemorate this momentous occasion, but all I came up with was stickboy waving a handkerchief.

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As to what I'm actually doing at the convention - I have no idea yet. Let me think, Zak and I will probably go be Stan Lee groupies together, Reed mentioned dragging me off to a movie, Match (from the Flatwood Forum, and my roommate) talked about being puddles in front of the Megatokyo booth...oh and there was a panel on copyright law I was interested in. Other than that...umm someone's got a copy of the things going on.

Wish me luck!
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