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Insomnia is annoying.

I am indeed tired, but having just finished the comic approximately 10 minutes ago, I haven't yet got up the energy to move from my chair.

Finding an appropriate background took me many minutes of deliberation - too many. 45 of them to be exact. Another 45 after that squinching everyone togehther on the page, and bit more cleaning up.

Last thing I have to say is that I'm glad we're through with Tenebrius for the moment. He's possibly the most annoying male to draw. His pose was not the original one I wished to draw, but it was the only one that worked with her - at least as late as I was trying to figure it out. Mostly it was the difficulty in drawing a small child tucked under his arm from the side that forced the change. I couldnt make it work. This came in a poor second.

Dialogue underwent changes about 6 or 7 times. The frogs line was just random. I don't know where it came from, but it has nothing to do with me being awake - since I cam ep with it sometime in the afternnon. The last panel bugs me a little, but that's mostly because I couldn't decide between a couple things and finally just compromised. I suppose I'll see if anyone is amused. I like the difference between yesterday's comic and today's, it's nice to know tha I can take the time to do a good picture and not really lose anything by not being funny. After all She is the Devil.
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