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the block is lifting...

I can see clearly now, the block is gone... well ok, not gone, I still can't draw either Morpheine or the Kittypire without massive amounts of frustration killing the picture. (ie: they end up looking like particularly ill-proportioned stick figures with billiard ball shaped heads...) But today's the first day I've drawn peoples without wanting to scream. One of which I put on the main site, the other of which is going here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have no idea which pire it is, but obviously it's got to be either the peanut or the baby. (A rather grown-up baby at that.) Before anyone tells me what's wrong, yes I know. Unfortunately all I had was a compact mirror to look into and the angle and crap is waaay off. It's a weird angle anyway. I was noticing that a lot of comic artists don't use angles like that, as if the attention all has to be placed on the expression. I think she's got an expression, she looks a little wistful, a little snotty, and a little out of place to me. Crap, I just described myself. Ok ok I'll shut up now...

I want to paint this one.
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