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April 19 thru ...some date comics

The next few comics (few meaning about ten or so) have been in my head for almost two years now. Originally they weren't the Maryhedgepire or Morpheine, but those images refused to leave me alone. Now let's hope I can get them down on paper with half the brightness they have in my head. *winces*

My artwork is slowly but steadily getting nearer the quality I'd like it to be at. I really have to thank a very well-written (in my opinion) and well-illustrated how-to book by Stan Lee and John Buscema for a lot of that. Instead of working purely from scratch I'm getting help with proportion, and basic drawing skills that I somehow missed along the way. Objects I'm decent at really, but people have always been very hard for me, and I feel like I"m finally getting a handle on one aspect of drawing them. That is, the comic aspect. It will take me a long while before I settle down to a consistent style so bear with me while I wander through the realms of drawing a comic.

As always thank you for reading.

Oh and by the way - it is indeed possible to kill a pire. *insert evil laugh here*
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